I recently presented the Brisbane Flag to a number of local schools in the Ward.  The Brisbane Flag, based on the coat of arms of the city, has a wonderful story that the students have been interested to hear.

The blue field, white stars and gold knots all refer to attributes of Sir Thomas Brisbane after whom the city is named.  Sir Thomas Brisbane was Governor of the Moreton Bay convict colony in the convict days of Australia.  Later Moreton Bay colony was renamed Brisbane in his honour.  The blue field and white stars represent Sir Thomas's interest & achievements in the field of astronomy.

The gold knots are Stafford knots, which is the badge of the 38th Foot Staffordshire Regiment in which Sir Thomas first entered the British Army as an ensign in 1789.

The blue and white wavy lines represent the river. The gold symbol is called a caduceus (a herald's wand with two serpents twined around it).  It represents commerce and negotiation and is the emblem of Hermes (Mercury) in his capacity as protector of commerce. This symbolises the everyday activities of the city. Taken together, these say Brisbane is a commercial river port.


David McLachlan
Councillor for Hamilton Ward

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